Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Effin FO's

So something magical happens when you stop buying yarn and I really didn’t anticipate the giddiness it would invoke. This magical thing is: Finished Objects. Yeah, baby, yeah!! Casting off! Who knew what a thrill it would be bring! Since starting this blog, I have cast OFF a swing top, a lacy cardigan, and a big camo rug and cast ON another lacy cardigan, another swing top, another blanket,and a wool monstrosity that will become a felted rug. And I am actually making PROGRESS! Like as in using up at least one skein of yarn a day. It feels fabulous! Other projects have had there fair share of time put in (even if just to look in the bag and say “yep, you still bore me, maybe another day!!”)

It’s almost June, so I really have no hope of getting every strand knit before the end of the year BUT, I may get down to two bins if I keep trucking (cheating) on the multistrand projects. And I am wondering if vacation yarn counts as yarn or as a souvenir. We’ll see ;)

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