Monday, May 2, 2011

It Burnz Us!

Alright. I am having my first very serious challenge since this whole thing began. I need a yarn I don’t have because I want to make something for my daughter. I *want* a black DK weight to make a dress for our recently decided trip to NYC next May. It would be the absolute perfect thing for a nice dinner out, which we plan to partake in. But, the challenge is no new yarn. I can SWAP, and I can SELL but I cannot buy. Oh dear Lord help. I currently have, in my stash, a beautiful charcoal grey in the right weight, but it was earmarked for a ME project. And I have enough for a ME project, which is significantly more than is needed for a daughter sized project. Oh the agony. I am pondering this and thinking that to remain true to my challenge, I need to either find someone to swap with, or get over my picture perfect version of the dress and just use the grey. And she likes the grey, but I like it too (sniff, sniff, please pass me a tissue) On the bright side, it would give me a chance to see the yarn worked up with less commitment, time wise, than a me sized garment. On the dark side, I wouldn’t be able to make a me sized garment until the challenge was over. I am still on the fence. Let’s see what happens ;)

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