Sunday, May 15, 2011

It Has Been Several Days Since My Last Confession

It’s been a while since my last fix and boy do I feel it. So I’ve been sort of tracking the when and why I feel the need to purchase yarn. When? Always, but particularly when I am experiencing stress and especially so when I finish a project. It’s almost like I feel justified in that I really did knit something out of the stash accumulation so I more than a mere collector; I am a KNITTER! And why? Well, shiz, that’s easy. Because I like yarn! I love yarn and it makes me happy. I shall remain vigilant in this pursuit and I shall reward myself with a gob of yarn when this is all done. Even though I am no where close to my goal, I am already dreaming up where and what I shall purchase as a reward for knocking the stash out.

For now, when I feel the need to feel a new yarn or start a new project, I do what I can. I just go to the stash boxes and pull something out regardless of how many other projects are waiting for their turn in my hands. So far, so good. Since my last posting I have finished a lacy cardigan, a cotton swing top, a magic yarn ball (two balls of yarn actually) AND I’ve spent some time with older projects that bore me to tears if I pay too much attention to them (a hat, and a rug for the boys)

Tonight, I am working on a new blanket (Red Heart Hula, held double with Plymouth Dream Baby DK on 10 inch Turbos, pattern is something I found online that has boxed in squares of stockinette, framed with garter ridges!), one with some actual definition and I am loving the new yarn and the new challenge. But don’t get too excited. I imagine after the first repeat, it’ll go into a project back and move further down the queue until I am ready to play again!

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