Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Effin FO's

So something magical happens when you stop buying yarn and I really didn’t anticipate the giddiness it would invoke. This magical thing is: Finished Objects. Yeah, baby, yeah!! Casting off! Who knew what a thrill it would be bring! Since starting this blog, I have cast OFF a swing top, a lacy cardigan, and a big camo rug and cast ON another lacy cardigan, another swing top, another blanket,and a wool monstrosity that will become a felted rug. And I am actually making PROGRESS! Like as in using up at least one skein of yarn a day. It feels fabulous! Other projects have had there fair share of time put in (even if just to look in the bag and say “yep, you still bore me, maybe another day!!”)

It’s almost June, so I really have no hope of getting every strand knit before the end of the year BUT, I may get down to two bins if I keep trucking (cheating) on the multistrand projects. And I am wondering if vacation yarn counts as yarn or as a souvenir. We’ll see ;)

Sunday, May 15, 2011

It Has Been Several Days Since My Last Confession

It’s been a while since my last fix and boy do I feel it. So I’ve been sort of tracking the when and why I feel the need to purchase yarn. When? Always, but particularly when I am experiencing stress and especially so when I finish a project. It’s almost like I feel justified in that I really did knit something out of the stash accumulation so I more than a mere collector; I am a KNITTER! And why? Well, shiz, that’s easy. Because I like yarn! I love yarn and it makes me happy. I shall remain vigilant in this pursuit and I shall reward myself with a gob of yarn when this is all done. Even though I am no where close to my goal, I am already dreaming up where and what I shall purchase as a reward for knocking the stash out.

For now, when I feel the need to feel a new yarn or start a new project, I do what I can. I just go to the stash boxes and pull something out regardless of how many other projects are waiting for their turn in my hands. So far, so good. Since my last posting I have finished a lacy cardigan, a cotton swing top, a magic yarn ball (two balls of yarn actually) AND I’ve spent some time with older projects that bore me to tears if I pay too much attention to them (a hat, and a rug for the boys)

Tonight, I am working on a new blanket (Red Heart Hula, held double with Plymouth Dream Baby DK on 10 inch Turbos, pattern is something I found online that has boxed in squares of stockinette, framed with garter ridges!), one with some actual definition and I am loving the new yarn and the new challenge. But don’t get too excited. I imagine after the first repeat, it’ll go into a project back and move further down the queue until I am ready to play again!

Monday, May 2, 2011

It Burnz Us!

Alright. I am having my first very serious challenge since this whole thing began. I need a yarn I don’t have because I want to make something for my daughter. I *want* a black DK weight to make a dress for our recently decided trip to NYC next May. It would be the absolute perfect thing for a nice dinner out, which we plan to partake in. But, the challenge is no new yarn. I can SWAP, and I can SELL but I cannot buy. Oh dear Lord help. I currently have, in my stash, a beautiful charcoal grey in the right weight, but it was earmarked for a ME project. And I have enough for a ME project, which is significantly more than is needed for a daughter sized project. Oh the agony. I am pondering this and thinking that to remain true to my challenge, I need to either find someone to swap with, or get over my picture perfect version of the dress and just use the grey. And she likes the grey, but I like it too (sniff, sniff, please pass me a tissue) On the bright side, it would give me a chance to see the yarn worked up with less commitment, time wise, than a me sized garment. On the dark side, I wouldn’t be able to make a me sized garment until the challenge was over. I am still on the fence. Let’s see what happens ;)