Wednesday, November 9, 2011


I completely suck. I mean, MAY? My last post was in MAY??? This is so not good.
So I started my yarn diet on April 1st and it lasted until.....October 17th, when I officially ordered NEW YARN from Knit Picks. Now, that being said, I truly did not have any yarn for the projects I wanted to cast on. I am making the Liesl cardigan for any girl in my life I've known for more than five minutes because it's fun, fast and impressive once finished. I made three for my girls, then started working on four more for a good friends' daughters. So at least the first yarn purchase had a goal.
I won't talk about the recent aquisitions.....yet.
But let's see how long I went. That's April, May, June, July, August, September and 17 days in October so 6.5 months with no new yarn.
I'm impressed. I'm not even sorry that about 75 skeins of yarn will soon be delivered for my Christmas present. That I won't open until Christmas, which in all honesty, as much as I knit, I may even knock out at least half that amount (in existing yarn) before then. Winning!! :)

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