Thursday, April 21, 2011

Poly-amoury is right for me ;)

One time I read a post on Ravelry that made me (literally) laugh out loud. Not at the poster, but at myself. This mysterious person had this *thing* she called "project monogamy." Uhm, what??? As in one project at a time, start to finish, with nothing else in the works?? Seriously? I was in awe. I pondered applying that to my own knitting life for all of five seconds, then gave myself permission to never, ever, ever practice "project monogamy."

I am poly I suppose. At least in my knitting life. I have room in my heart for many projects at a time. The organic cotton on the bamboo needles, being shaped into a cute little swing top for my diva daughter; the four stands of worsted weight acrylic on my size 19's cranking out a very fast camo blanket that will glow in the dark; the pretty little cardigan stuffed under my bed in a storage box because I can't remember if I added underarm stitches on the first arm or no.....(And no even this mishap doesn't convince me that monogamy is the way to go. I just think I should be better organized so I don't call the project by the wrong name when we spend our special time together....)

I suppose it's all about your knitting lifestyle. I have many people who enjoy my handknits and I have a love for all different kinds of yarn and needles and projects, so having only one to enjoy at any given moment just isn't enough for me. I have a place in my heart, and in my hands, for each one of my UFOs. Life gets too boring when you're only touching one kind of fiber for hours on end. Nahhhh...I don't think I'll be proclaiming my project monogamy anytime soon. I'm better off with the 17 projects to cycle through as I get 'in the mood' for them. And if I see something else I want to start, on I will cast with absolutely no regrets and no guilt. I guess that makes me a project whore or something kinda like it....


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